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ccnp certification 642-775 msprp training

Cisco ccnp certification 642-775 msprp training is available for the candidates to prepare the test. In real Cisco 642-775 msprp test, there are 65-75 questions, which will take the candidates 75 minutes to complete the test. The available language is English. Candidates can register Cisco 642-775 msprp exam at Pearson VUE testing center.

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Two Cisco IOS routers with OSPF configured are unable to establish adjacency. Which debug command will help you to identify the root cause of the problem?

A. debug ip ospf timers
B. debug ip ospf neighbors
C. debug ip ospf network-type
D. debug ip ospf adjacency
Answer: D

You want to filter certain prefixes that are advertised by the BGP neighbor of the neighboring autonomous system. Which command will filter prefixes that are advertised from the BGP neighbor For filtering, use the already configured route map as123.
A. neighbor route-map as123
B. neighbor route-map as123 out
C. neighbor route-map as123 in
D. neighbor distribute-list as123
E. neighbor distribute-list as123 out
F. neighbor distribute-list as123 in
Answer: C

What is the difference between community sets and extended community sets in Cisco IOS XR Software?
A. Extended community sets match community values that are larger than 65535.
B. Extended community sets match non-IP traffic.
C. Extended community sets are used when all regular community sets are in use.
D. Extended community sets are used to match extended community values.
Answer: D

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642-775 MSPRP Online Test-Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols (MSPRP)

Currently, our 642-775 MSPRP online test only provide 10 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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