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You have been contacted by a medium-sized hospitality company that has 50 hotels. They would like to
upgrade their existing WLAN in each hotel to 802.11n. While performing the site surveys for each hotel,
what are the issues that you need to take into consideration when determining the locations for each AP?
A. Selecting AP locations where power is already available.
B. Selecting APs that can be hidden in ceiling panels to provide a secure and clean aesthetic look.
C. Selecting locations that are easily accessed so maintenance and upgrades can be performed quickly
D. Selecting locations that make visual assessment of the AP operation easy.
Answer: B

During the site survey kick-off meeting with your customer, they ask why you need to verify the existing
network infrastructure. Which two reasons do you give them? (Choose two.)
A. You need to verify the make, model, and software versions of all the equipment that will connect to the
WLAN components in order to ensure compatibility.
B. You need to verify that the equipment the WLAN components will connect to has sufficient memory
capacity to support the additional WLAN connections.
C. You need to verify that there are sufficient switch ports to support the new WLAN connections.
D. You need to verify that the switches the WLAN components will connect to can supply 802.3af inline
power, and that they have sufficient ports to support all the new WLAN devices.
E. Depending on the type of APs that are planned for, the deployment may require different types of PoE
to be supplied by the LAB switches.
Answer: C,D

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