810-420 BTUBVAF Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals


810-420 BTUBVAF Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals

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Exam Number/Code: 810-420

Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals

Questions and Answers: 30 Q&As

Version: PDF

Sample: 810-420 BTUBVAF Free Online Test

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The BTUBVAF 810-420 Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals exam is a 75 minute, 30-40 question assessment within Cisco’s Business Transformation certification portfolio.

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of basic capabilities required to successfully conduct a business-relevant conversation with customers, uncover their requirements and gain their buy-in to adopt recommended solutions. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals course (BTUBVAF).


1.0 Prepare for Requirements Gathering 15%

1.1 Capture insight from existing relationships
1.1.a Obtain and review customer records
1.1.b Consult internal SMEs about the customer
1.2 Capture insight from external sources
1.2.a Review information published by the company
1.2.b Review information published by 3rd parties
1.2.c Review information from Partner Ecosystem SMEs
1.2.d Identify customer expectations of a solution provider
1.2.e Identify and resolve gaps in knowledge about the company or stakeholders
1.2.f Populate an unrefined Business Model Canvas

2.0 Capture Requirements 35%

2.1 Establish credibility to create customer confidence in your analysis skills
2.2 Conduct stakeholder analysis
2.3 Prepare meeting and plan for requirements gathering / discovery
2.4 Conduct discovery meetings
2.5 Document findings of discovery meetings
2.6 Build a Business Motivation Model
2.7 Build a refined Business Model Canvas

3.0 Refine Business Needs & Perform Business Transformation (Architectural) Analysis 25%

3.1 Use the Business Model Canvas (BMC) to verify the business “as-is” state
3.2 Define pain points and opportunities for the customer
3.3 Identify target state capabilities using a “to be” BMC
3.4 Perform gap analysis and document pain points / opportunities

4.0 Create Business Design and Deliver Solution Recommendations 25%

4.1 Identify other Cisco and partner solutions to further address pain points and opportunities
4.2 Visually map solutions vs. capabilities required
4.3 Describe the business benefits from identified solutions
4.4 Identify solution inter-dependencies, risks, and assumptions
4.5 Draft presentation describing solution recommendation in business terms
4.6 Present recommendations to stakeholders




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