500-710 VII Video Infrastructure Implementation (VII)


500-710 VII Video Infrastructure Implementation (VII)

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Exam Code: 500-710
Exam Name: Video Infrastructure Implementation (VII)
Questions and Answers: 91 Q&As
Version: PDF
Sample: Cisco 500-710 VII Free Sample Questions

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Video Infrastructure Implementation 500-710 VII exam questions are available, which contain 91 questions and answers. Share Cisco certification 500-710 VII exam dumps questions below.

Where must TURN servers be configured in a resilient and scalable Cisco Meeting Servers solution?
A.CMS core only
B.CMS core, CMS edge, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C.CMS edge only
D.CMS core and CMS edge
Answer: C

The TMS Systems > Navigator menu selection is not visible on a scheduler’s computer. Which cause is the most likely?
A.The scheduler s computer has a port blockage.
B.NET or US is not set up on the scheduler’s computer.
C.The scheduler does not have adequate permissions associated to their log in credentials.
D.The network has a port blockage.
Answer: C

Which statement about setting up a call bridge cluster for a resilient and scalable Cisco Meeting Server deployment is true?
A.Call bridges can connect to databases in full mesh.
B.Call bridges only connect to the master database.
C.Only one call bridge should be configured per domain in a database cluster.
D.Call bridges can read/write to any database in a cluster at anytime.
Answer: A



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