500-171 FlexPod Imp and Admin

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Exam Code: 500-171

Exam Name: FlexPod Imp and Admin

Q&A: 50 Q&As

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Sample: Cisco 500-171 FPIMPADM Free Online Test

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Cisco 500-171 FPIMPADM exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of configuring the FlexPod solution components and includes managing and troubleshooting those components in a realistic multihypervisor network. At the same time, this exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge of how the FlexPod solution aligns with the Data Center architecture.

Share some Cisco 500-171 FPIMPADM exam test questions below.

When configuring a volume to contain a LUN, which administrative tool automatically applies NetApp recommendations?
A. Data ONTAP command-line interface
B. OnCommand System Manager
C. Microsoft SystemCenter
D. VMware vSphere
Answer: B

When trying to configure a Virtual Port Channel (vPC), what might be a cause of the following error when trying to create the vPC domain?
Nexus-5548-B (config) # vpc domain 10
^% Invalid command at ‘^’ marker.Nexus-5548-B(config)#
A. Have not yet turned on the vpc feature using the ‘feature vpc’ command
B. The vPC links have to be configured before the vPC domain can be added
C. The vPC domain has already been configured
D. vPC domain cannot be configured at the global prompt
Answer: A

Which tool can be used to validate hardware installation in a FlexPod solution?
A. NetApp OnCommand Insight
B. NetApp Config Advisor
C. NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager
D. Cisco UCS Central
E. Cisco UCS Director
Answer: B



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