300-170 DCVAI Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation


300-170 DCVAI Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation

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Exam Code: 300-170

Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation

Questions and Answers: 60 Q&As

Version: PDF

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300-170 exam detail:

Exam Number 300-170 DCVAI

Associated Certifications CCNP Data Center

Duration 90 minutes (60-70 questions)

Available Languages English

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300-170 DCVAI exam topics:

1.0 Implement Infrastructure Virtualization 19%

1.1 Implement logical device separation
1.1.a VDC
1.1.b VRF
1.2 Implement virtual switching technologies

2.0 Implement Infrastructure Automation 16%

2.1 Implement configuration profiles
2.1.a Auto-config
2.1.b Port profiles
2.1.c Configuration synchronization
2.2 Implement POAP
2.3 Compare and contrast different scripting tools
2.3.a EEM
2.3.b Scheduler
2.3.c SDK

3.0 Implementing Application Centric Infrastructure 27%

3.1 Configure fabric discovery parameters
3.2 Implement access policies
3.2.a Policy groups
3.2.b Protocol policies
3.2.b [i[ LLDP, CDP, LCAP, and link-level
3.2.c AEP
3.2.d Domains
3.2.e Pools
3.2.f Profiles
3.2.f [i] Switch
3.2.f [ii] Interface
3.3 Implement VMM domain integrations
3.4 Implement tenant-based policies
3.4.a EPGs
3.4.a [i] Pathing
3.4.a [ii] Domains
3.4.b Contracts
3.4.b [i] Consumer
3.4.b [ii] Providers
3.4.b [iii] vzAny (TCAM conservation)
3.4.b [iv] Inter-tenant
3.4.c Private networks
3.4.c [i] Enforced/unenforced
3.4.d Bridge domains
3.4.d [i] Unknown unicast settings
3.4.d [ii] ARP settings
3.4.d [iii] Unicast routing

4.0 Implementing Application Centric Infrastructure Network Resources 25%

4.1 Implement external network integration
4.1.a External bridge network
4.1.b External routed network
4.2 Implement packet flow
4.2.a Unicast
4.2.b Multicast
4.2.c Broadcast
4.2.d Endpoint database
4.3 Describe service insertion and redirection
4.3.a Device packages
4.3.b Service graphs
4.3.c Function profiles

5.0 Implementing Application Centric Infrastructure Management and Monitoring 13%

5.1 Implement management
5.1.a In-band management
5.1.b Out-of-band management
5.2 Implement monitoring
5.2.a SNMP
5.2.b Atomic counters
5.2.c Health score evaluations
5.3 Implement security domains and role mapping
5.3.a AAA
5.3.b RBAC
5.4 Compare and contrast different scripting tools
5.4.a SDK
5.4.b API Inspector / XML



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