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Which two statements about redistribution are true? (Choose two)
A.When BGP traffic is redistributed into OSPF eBGP and iBGP routes are advertised.
B.When EIGRP routes on a CE are redistributed through a PE into BGP, the Cost Community POI is set automatically.
C.When EIGRP traffic is redistributed into BGP, a default metric is required.
D.When BGP traffic is redistribute into OSPF the metric is set to 1 unless the metric is defined.
E.iBGP routes automatically redistribute into IGP if the routes are in the routing table.
F.When OSPF traffic is redistributed into BGP internal and external routes are redistributed.
Answer: B、D

For which two conditions is Cisco Express Forwarding recursion disables by default when the BGP Prefix independent Convergence functionality is enabled? (Choose two) hops that are directly connected hops learned with any mask shorter than /32 hops learned with a /32 mask
D. next hops learned with a /24 mask
Answer: AC