The Cisco Network Programmability Developer Specialist certification is for software programmers who focus on the development of the network applications layer, which can live in any of the Cisco provided programmable components, and will enable service provider, campus, and data center use cases.

This certification and course develop the foundation skills needed to develop network applications in programmable environments such as Cisco’s One Platform Kit (onePK), Open Daylight Controller (ODL), and Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers (APICs).

Developing with Cisco Network Programmability 600-502 NPDEV exam is a required one to get Cisco Network Programmability Developer Specialist certification. Besides, Cisco 600-502 NPDEV free Online Test is available for the candidates to test your skills.

Share 600-502 NPDEV exam sample questions below.

Which option describes the role of Garbage Collection, which is a built-in feature in several modern programming languages such as Java?
A. to reclaim the memory allocated to objects that can no longer be referenced
B. to reset memory cells that have failed CRC checks
C. to eliminate “dirty bits” from packet headers as they are received by network socket
D. to trigger the “Empty Recycle bin” operation from within a program running on systems that are based on Microsoft Windows
E. to be used by developers as a tool to clean up the system environment after each test run of the program
Answer: A