cisco certified 642-780 mspvm courses

cisco certified 642-780 mspvm courses are available now, which can help the candidates to prepare the test well. The Associated Certification is CCNP Service Provider Operations. There are 60-70 questions in real 642-780 MSPVM exam, which will take the candidates 75 minutes to complete the test. The available language is English. Candidates can register Cisco 642-780 MSPVM exam at Pearson VUE testing center.

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Which statement about LSP ping is true?
A. LSP ping access ICMP packets
B. A successful LSP ping ensures that the echo-reply are labled
C. If an IP ping exceeds, than an LSP ping succeed if MPLS is enabled along the path
D. A successful LSP ping validates reachability to the destination along the MPLS data plane
Answer: D

What does the auto tunnel template interface configure?
A. MPLS TE tunnel mesh groups
B. Virtual private LAN services
C. MPLS VPN VRF instances
D. MP-BGP peering
E. LDP tunnels
F. MPLS TE tunnel dynamic route
Answer: A

You have been asked to compare parameters of layer 2 MPLS vpn services at two remote ends using the show mpls 12 binding command What three items of relevant information should you use to ensure that layer two VPN parameters are configured correctly? (Choose three)
A. Local and remote labels
B. Encapsulation
C. VC type
Answer: A,C,D

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