cisco certified 642-457 cipt2 training

cisco certified 642-457 cipt2 training is available. This Cisco 642-457 CIPT2 exam tests a candidate’s skills in implementing a Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution in a multisite environment, applying a dial plan for a multisite environment, configuring survivability for remote sites during WAN failure, and implementing solutions to reduce bandwidth requirements in the IP WAN.

cisco certified 642-457 cipt2 training objectives are below.

12% 1.0 Describe and implement centralized call processing redundancy

1.1 Describe device fail over
1.2 Configure call survivability
1.3 Configure Cisco UnifiedSurvivable Remote Site Telephony operation
1.4 Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to provide redundancy
1.5 Configure MGCP Fallback operation
1.6 Verify redundancy operations

29% 2.0 Describe and configure a multi-site dial plan for Cisco Unified Communication Manager

2.1 Describe the issues with multi-site dial plans
2.2 Describe the differences between the various gateways and trunk types supported by Cisco Unified Communication Manager
2.3 Implement trunks
2.4 Describe globalized call routing
2.5 Implement a numbering plan for multisite topologies
2.6 Configure tailend hop off

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