cisco certification 642-883 sproute tests are available now. This cisco 642-883 sproute exam tests a candidate’s knowledge in configuring, verifying, and troubleshooting IPv4 and IPv6 advanced OSPF and IS-IS configuration, BGP configuration, using Cisco IOS-XR RPL to implement routing policies, and implementing high availability routing supporting a service provider network.

This 642-883 SPROUTE exam covers the Cisco IOS, IOS-XE and IOS-XR operating systems. Below are the details of Cisco 642-883 SPROUTE exam topics.

19% 2.0 IS-IS, IPv4, and IPv6 in Service Provider Environments

2.1 Describe multi-area IS-IS operations
2.2 Implement multi-area IS-IS for IPv4 and IPv6 on IOS-XR and IOS-XE
2.3 Implement IS-IS neighbor authentication on IOS-XR and IOS-XE
2.4 Troubleshoot IS-IS IOS-XR and IOS-XE configuration errors

22% 3.0 BGP Routing in Service Provider Environments

3.1 Describe the Internet routing hierarchy: Network Service Providers (NSP), Network Access Point (NAP), ISP Tiers (Tier 1, 2 and 3)
3.2 Describe connectivity between an enterprise network and an SP that requires the use of BGP
3.3 Describe connectivity between a SP and upstream SPs
3.4 Describe BGP transit AS operations
3.5 Implement EBGP and IBGP on IOS-XR and IOS-XE
3.6 Implement BGP neighbor authentication on IOS-XR and IOS-XE
3.7 Optimize BGP IOS-XR configurations using af-groups, session-groups, and neighbor-groups
3.8 Optimize BGP IOS-XE configurations using peer-groups
3.9 Influence BGP route selection by using various BGP attributes on IOS-XR and IOS-XE
3.10 Troubleshoot BGP IOS-XR and IOS-XE configuration errors

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