cisco certification 642-780 mspvm test

642-780 mspvm exam is a required one for CCNP Service Provider Operations certification. cisco certification 642-780 mspvm test is available here to prepare the test. Besides, 642-770 OFCN642-775 MSPRP and 642-785 MSPQS are required exams for CCNP Service Provider Operations certification.

The CCNP Service Provider Operations Certification is being retired. The last day to test for the CCNP Service Provider Operations certification will be January 31, 2015. No new certifications will be issued beginning February 1, 2015.

With a CCNP SP Operations certification, a network professional demonstrates knowledge and skills required to isolate network performance problems, implement proactive fault measures using operations management processes, frameworks, and network management systems.

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When MPLS layer 3 VPN services are implemented, what is the function of the VRF table?
A. The VRF table determines the pseudowire virtual circuits used to for forward labeled packets
B. Multiple VRF instances are used to isolate potently overlapping routing and forwarding information for VPNs.
C. VRF tables are used to translate IP routing prefixes
D. OSPF and IS-IS routing prefixes are MAPPED to there corresponding MPLS labeled prefixes in the VRF table. The prefixes are used by the PE to map forwarded packets between MPLS and NON-MPLS circuits
Answer: B