cisco certification 642-775 msprp kits

The last day to test cisco 642-775 msprp exam is Jan.31, 2015. 642-775 msprp exam is a required one for CCNP Service Provider Operations certification. cisco certification 642-775 msprp kits are available here for people to get certified. Besides, 642-770 OFCN642-780 MSPVM and 642-785 MSPQS are also required tests for CCNP Service Provider Operations certification.

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Your NMS server reports the message %SNMP-4-NOTRAPIP: SNMP trap source Gigabit Ethernet 1/0/1 has no ip address What does this error message indicate?
A. The interface to be used as the source address has no address associated with it
B. The SNMP server does not have a logging source interface defined.
C. The SNMP-server host command has no specified trap destination.
D. The interface of the trap destination is missing an address.
Answer: A

Two Cisco IOS routers with OSPF configured are unable to establish adjacency. Which debug command will help you to identify the root cause of the problem?
A. debug ip ospf timers
B. debug ip ospf neighbors
C. debug ip ospf network-type
D. debug ip ospf adjacency
Answer: D