cisco 642-996 dcufd practice test is available. The 642-996 DCUFD Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric exam is one of the exams associated with the CCNP DC certification and to the Cisco Unified Fabric Design Specialist certification.

This 642-996 DCUFD exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric solutions, including reference network topologies, routing protocols, traffic design concepts, storage and storage networking architectures, scalability, availability; security and management architectures. Below are the details of Cisco 642-996 DCUFD  exam topics.

7% 2.0 Describe Data Center Structure and Modularity

2.1 Describe network architectures for the Data Center
2.1.a LAN
2.1.b SAN
2.2 Describe the Modular Approach in Network Design
2.3 Describe the data center core layer
2.4 Describe the data center aggregation layer
2.5 Describe the data center access layer
2.6 Identify Design Considerations for connectivity between Data Centers
2.7 Identify the environments that use a Cisco data center virtualization solution
2.8 Identify the migration plan from existing to new infrastructure

13% 3.0 Describe the Technologies used within the Data Center

3.1 Describe switching protocols used in a data center network
3.2 Describe IPv4/IPv6 Addressing
3.3 Identify Routing Protocol Considerations in an Data Center
3.4 Describe how various data center protocols impact the design of a data center network
3.5 Describe data center server deployment topologies
3.6 Describe how traffic flows may impact the design of a data center network
3.7 Describe methods for deploying a Energy Efficient Data Center
3.8 Describe Data Center virtualization technologies
3.9 Determine when to use each technology within a Data Center solution
3.10 Describe high availability design in the data center

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