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Which two reasons make mesh bonding systems most effective? (Choose two.)
A. cover wide areas
B. provide additional strength to floor structures
C. provide low-impedance noise-equalizing paths
D. create equipotential grounding systems
E. most cost-effective approach
Answer: C,D

What do deflections indicate to the time domain reflectometer user?
A. They indicate splices, water in the cable, split pairs, and discontinuities or faults.
B. Do not connect live circuit cables to the input of the time domain reflectometer. Connect the cable that is being tested to the cable connector on the front panel of the time domain reflectometer.
C. Upward deflections indicate high-impedance mismatches or opens, and downward deflections indicate shorts or low-impedance mismatches.
D. They are used to select the I/O impedance of the time domain reflectometer. You can select 50, 75, 95, or 125 impedances.
Answer: C

What are two benefits that are provided by proper grounding and bonding systems? (Choose two.)
A. higher speed communications
B. safe discharge of electrostatic energy
C. lower equipment power consumption
D. equipotential termination points for equipment and cable shields
E. lowest carbon footprint
Answer: B,D

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