Cisco 300-115 SWITCH Exam Dumps Updated

Share 300-115 SWITCH exam news with you, Cisco certification 300-115 SWITCH exam dumps have been updated, which contain 674 questions and answers. Our updated Cisco 300-115 SWITCH exam dumps can make sure you pass the test in the first attempt.

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Which three functions does Dynamic ARP Inspection perform with invalid IP-to MAC address bindings? (Choose there.)
A. accepts
B. deletes
C. discards
D. bypasses
E. intercepts
F. logs
Answer: CEF

Which two statements about 802. 1q are true? (Choose two )
A. It encapsulates the original Ethernet frame and adds a VLAN identifier.
B. It increases the maximum size an Ethernet frame to 1094 bytes.
C. It is a Cisco proprietary protocol.
D. When It is enabled, it forces a recalculation of the frame check sequence field.
E. It supports 8-byte VLAN identifiers.
F. It adds a 32-bit field to the Ethernet frame between the source MAC address and length fields.
Answer: BE

A physical switch port is part of an EtherChannel group. What happenes while the same port configured as a SPAN destination?
A. The port forwards traffic in the EtherChannel group and acts as a SPAN source simultaneously.
B. The port is removed from the EtherChannel group.
C. The port is put in the errdisabled state and can only be reenabled manually.
D. The operation is not allowed as an EtherChannel member cannot be a SPAN source port.
Answer: D

Which two statements about CDP are true? (Choose two.)
A. CDP uses a TLV to advertise the native VLAN
B. CDP is not supported with SNMP
C. CDP is supported on Frame Relay sub interfaces.
D. CDP runs on OSI layer 2
E. CDP runs on OSI layer 1
Answer: AC