The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Wireless (CCIE Wireless) certification assesses and validates wireless expertise. Candidates who pass the CCIE Wireless certification exams demonstrate broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking and a solid understanding of wireless local area networking (WLAN) technologies from Cisco, the market leader in WLAN technology.

The Cisco CCIE Wireless Written Exam is a 2-hour test that will validate that a wireless engineer has the expertise to plan, design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot complex enterprise WLAN networks. 350-050 CCIE Wireless is a required one for CCIE Wireless certification. Besides, 350-050 CCIE Wireless online test is available for the candidates to practice them.

Share 350-050 CCIE Wireless questions and answers below.

Wireless client location tracking provided by the Cisco MSE relies heavily on the number of access points that can hear a particular wireless client. What are the minimum and optimal numbers of access points required to cover an area in order to provide location tracking?
A. minimum 1 access point, optimal 3 or more access points
B. minimum 2 access points, optimal 4 or more access points
C. minimum 3 access points, optimal 4 or more access points
D. minimum 4 access points, optimal 5 or more access points
E. minimum 5 access points, optimal 6 or more access points
Answer: C

Bandwidth-based Call Admission Control for voice services allows the client to request the required bandwidth or medium time to accept calls in a congested RF environment. Which three of these statements must be true in order for bandwidth-based CAC to correctly operate for voice calls? (Choose three.)
A. WLAN must use the silver QoS profile
B. WLAN must use the gold QoS profile
C. WLAN must use the platinum QoS profile
D. Client must support at least CCXv4
E. Client must support at least CCXv3
F. WMM does not need to be enabled for WLAN
G. WMM must be enabled for WLAN
Answer: C,D,G