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04 11月

840-425 BTEABVD Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques

840-425 BTEABVD is known as Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques, which is a required exam of Cisco Business Value Practitioner. There are 60-70 questions in real Cisco 840-425 exam, which will take the candidates 90 minutes to complete the test. The available language is English. Candidates can register Cisco 840-425 BTEABVD exam at Pearson VUE testing center.

Cisco 840-425 BTEABVD exam tests a candidate’s knowledge on use of advanced solution-and outcome-based selling approaches, to help customers meet their digital business goals. It is also helpful for the candidates to know Cisco 840-425 BTEABVD exam topics.

18% 1.0 Understand Customer Business Context and Requirements for IT Solutions/Services

1.1 Identify customer priorities associated with major business transformation initiatives
1.2 Identify customer goals associated with major business transformation initiatives
1.3 Describe how business transformation activities align with operating and financial performance metrics
1.4 Describe how customer goals support priorities and provide direction for aligning IT with business results
1.5 Identify Line of Business (LoB) leaders responsible for major Business transformation initiatives
1.6 Compare and contrast the functions and relationships between the LoB leaders.
1.7 Identify Cisco solutions and services in the context of the customer’s industry vertical to meet customer’s outcomes

18% 2.0 Solution and Outcome-Based Selling Process

2.1 Differentiate between the key steps and principles associated with solution selling
2.2 Apply the Cisco Integrated Sales Process (prospect, qualify, propose, agree, and close) to solution- and outcome-based selling
2.3 Assess the scope and depth of solutions and services opportunities to increase pipeline growth
2.4 Assess Cisco solutions and services that provide capabilities required to meet the customer’s future business needs
2.5 Select services from Cisco and partner offering portfolios to help deliver customer-desired results
2.6 Evaluate options to deploy and adopt Cisco and Partner solutions and/or services for the customer

17% 3.0 Evaluate Solution Benefits

3.1 Identify KPIs and metrics that support and measure desired customer outcomes
3.2 Identify KPIs and metrics that demonstrate progress towards achieving expected outcomes.
3.3 Compose a plan for measuring actual progress against established targets for outcomes
3.4 Synthesize provided feedback for selecting value-added business and technology changes
3.5 Identify business and technology dependencies for realizing stronger customer outcomes

17% 4.0 Financial Impacts and Business Case

4.1 Analyze the financial impacts that result from business and IT operational models
4.2 Determine the positive impacts from investing in Cisco-driven IT capabilities and services derived from a business case
4.3 Compare and contrast the impact of IT-enabled outcomes on the customer’s revenue, costs, risks, and satisfaction
4.4 Compare and contrast IT investment results against established targets
4.5 Evaluate financial and contractual impacts for licensing and billing models for IT products, solutions, or services

14% 5.0 Business and IT Alignment

5.1 Create a roadmap of business-aligned IT initiatives for the customer using Cisco’s methodology
5.2 Identify opportunities to improve the delivery of IT solutions and services that support business outcomes using structured communications and measurements (QBR, score card, feedback loops).
5.3 Evaluate Cisco and Partner opportunities that emerge from customer business- or IT-driven initiatives and enable execution of their roadmaps

16% 6.0 Change Management

6.1 Evaluate an organization’s readiness for adapting to change based on technology adoption
6.2 Create a communications plan to drive IT solution deployment and adoption
6.3 Describe the importance of governance and change management towards deployment of outcome-based solutions
6.4 Describe how Customer Change Leaders and Customer Champions play a critical role in driving the evolution of IT and LoB groups
6.5 Apply the 360 degree feedback process to gather information for accelerating user adoption of enabling technology.

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