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820-421 BTASBVA Online Test-Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis

Currently, our 820-421 BTASBVA online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

If you have some opinions or suggestions about our online test, please leave your message, we will improve it step by step.

Now, begin to test:

What should a business case executive summary contain?


Which individual is recommended as the author for a business case introduction?


Which two types of deployments can be implemented for a zone-based policy firewall? (Choose two.)


When defining assumptions, you should do which of the following?


What is the reason for identifying business case dependencies?


Which statement is true?


What is an example of a financial benefit?


Which reason would be appropriate to disqualify a solution from being included in your


What should you consider when recommending solutions?


What is the result of configuring the command dotlx system-auth-control on a Cisco Catalyst switch?


Which two reflect buy-in to an implementation approach? (Choose two.)


What two factors could influence the duration of a transition? (Choose two.)


How are you able to deliver capabilities when using transition architecture approaches to change?


How can business capability increments lend structure to work packages, and reduce risk?


An implementation roadmap should be structured around which two items? (Choose two.)


In an infrastructure rollout, who is responsible for ensuring the right people are assigned to assess results?


Which is the most effective way to assess sales team benefits from an enhanced wireless and security infrastructure?


What part of the benefits realization approach includes documentation and tracking of actual results vs.projections?


When configuring a zone-based policy firewall, what will be the resulting action if you do not specify any zone pairs for a possible pair of zones?


You are troubleshooting a Cisco Easy VPN installation that is experiencing session establishment problems.You have verified that matching IKE and IPsec polices exist on both peers.The remote client has also successfully entered authentication credentials. What is the next step to take in troubleshooting this problem?


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