642-427 TVOICE Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications (TVOICE)

The Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications v8.0 (TVOICE v8.0) 642-427 is the exam associated with the CCNP Voice certification. This Cisco 642-427 TVOICE exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills required to troubleshoot Cisco Unified Communications systems and solutions in different deployments. In addition, the Cisco 642-427 TVOICE exams tests a candidates knowledge in troubleshooting methodology, triage, resources, tools, and fixes for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the new v8.0 features such as Call Control Discovery, SIP Precondition, Extension Mobility Cross Cluster as well as dial plan troubleshooting including globalized call routing.

Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications (TVOICE) is the exam name of 642-427 TVOICE test. The Associated Certification is CCNP Voice. There are 60-70 questions in real Cisco 642-427 TVOICE exam, which will take the candidates 90 minutes to complete the test. The available language is English. Candidates can register Cisco 642-427 TVOICE exam at Pearson VUE testing center.

It is important for the candidates to know Cisco 642-427 TVOICE exam topics. Below are the details.

9% 1.0 Apply the Cisco Recommended Methodology used to Determine General Unified Communications System Problems and Issues

1.1 Describe the steps that can be used to identify a problem with a given unified communication system
1.2 Identify tools available for troubleshooting
1.3 Identify tools available for monitoring

7% 2.0 Identify Available Tools to Operate and Troubleshoot a Unified Communications System

2.1 Describe troubleshooting and monitoring tools
2.2 Determine appropriate tools to use for troubleshooting and monitoring system
2.3 Correlate events based on traces, logs, debugs and output of monitoring tools
2.4 Parse and interpret traces, logs, debugs and output of monitoring tools

7% 3.0 Troubleshoot Registration Issues

3.1 Troubleshoot issues with endpoint registration
3.2 Troubleshoot issues with gateway registration

22% 4.0 Troubleshoot Call Setup Issues

4.1 Troubleshoot inter-site call setup issues
4.2 Troubleshoot intra-site call setup issues
4.3 Troubleshoot off-net call setup issues

4% 5.0 Troubleshoot Database

5.1 Troubleshoot database replication issues in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

12% 6.0 Troubleshoot Call Control Discovery and Cisco Inter Company Media Exchange

6.1 Troubleshoot service advertisement framework forwarder issues
6.2 Troubleshoot service advertisement framework client control issues
6.3 Troubleshoot service advertisement framework call control discovery issues

16% 7.0 Troubleshoot Application Issues

7.1 Troubleshoot Cisco extension mobility issues
7.2 Troubleshoot Cisco unified communications manager device mobility issues
7.3 Troubleshoot Cisco unified mobility issues

10% 8.0 Troubleshoot Media Resources

8.1 Troubleshoot music on hold
8.2 Troubleshoot conference bridges
8.3 Troubleshoot transcoders
8.4 Troubleshoot MTP

13% 9.0 TroubleshootVoice Quality Issues

9.1 Troubleshoot echo
9.2 Troubleshoot dropped calls
9.3 Troubleshoot audio quality issues

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