300-460 CLDINF Implementing and Troubleshooting the Cisco Cloud Infrastructure

Implementing and Troubleshooting the Cisco Cloud Infrastructure is the full name of 300-460 CLDINF test. There are 55-65 questions in real Cisco 300-460 CLDINF exam, which will take the candidates 90 minutes to complete the test. The Associated Certification is CCNP Cloud. The available language is English. Candidates can register Cisco 300-460 CLDINF exam at Pearson VUE testing center.

It is helpful for the candidates to know Cisco 300-460 CLDINF exam topics.

1.0 Knowledge of Cloud Infrastructure 16%

1.1 Demonstrate practical experience of both physical and virtual Data Centers
1.1.a Validate physical connection to LAN, SAN
1.1.b Management connection
1.1.c Server ports to chassis
1.1.d Virtual fiber channel
1.1.e Domain Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
1.1.f Configuring UCS service profiles, vNICs & templates
1.2 Setup hypervisor

2.0 Storage 21%

2.1 Implement storage infrastructure
2.1.a Block Storage
2.1.a.1 Zoning
2.1.a.2 Describe initiator and target relationship
2.1.a.3 Boot targets
2.1.a.4 Setup LUN/Volume on storage controller
2.1.b File Storage
2.1.b.1 Mount point vs. shares
2.2 Implement storage connectivity
2.2.a Configure vHBA
2.2.b Configure WWPN pool
2.2.c Configure WWN Pool
2.2.d Configure iSCSI pool
2.2.e Configure VSAN group
2.2.f Configure boot order/ boot policy
2.2.g Configure local storage / disk policy (RAID)
2.2.h Describe protected config

3.0 Network Tasks 22%

3.1 Implement network infrastructure
3.1.a Nexus 1000v / Distributed Virtual Switch (DVS)
3.1.b Virtual switch
3.2 Implement network connectivity
3.2.a vNICs
3.2.b MAC pool
3.2.c IP Management pool
3.2.d UUID pool
3.2.e Port-profiles / port groups
3.2.f VLAN group, VXLAN

4.0 Compute 23%

4.1 Implement Compute
4.1.a Virtual
4.1.a.1 Install Hypervisors
4.1.a.2 Configure templates
4.1.a.3 Configure resource pools
4.1.b Physical
4.1.b.1 Bare Metal
4.1.b.1.1 OS image / template
4.1.b.1.2 PXE boot
4.1.b.1.3 Lights out management
4.1.c UCSM
4.1.c.1 Service profiles
4.1.c.2 Boot policy

5.0 Troubleshooting knowledge of Infrastructure 18%

5.1 Troubleshoot context of workflow or applications
5.1.a Describe troubleshooting methodologies
5.1.b Templates
5.1.c Orchestration
5.1.d Provisioning
5.2 Identify operational domains
5.2.a Storage
5.2.b Networking
5.2.c Virtualization
5.2.d Compute