300-165 DCII Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric

300-165 DCII Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric

642-997 DCUFI exam will be retired on July 23, 2017. The replacement test is 300-165 DCII Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric.

Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric is the full name of 300-165 DCII test. In real Cisco 300-165 DCII exam, there are 60-70 questions. Candidates have 90 minutes to complete the test. The Associated Certification is CCNP Data Center. The available language is English. Candidates can register Cisco 300-165 DCII exam at Pearson VUE testing center.

Knowing Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric 300-165 DCII exam topics are valuable in your preparation.

1.0 Implement Data Center Protocols 29%

1.1 Implement vPC
1.2 Implement FabricPath
1.2.a Segment ID
1.2.b Distributed gateway, anycast HSRP
1.2.c Multiprotocol BGP
1.2.d vPC+
1.3 Implement VXLAN
1.3.a Distributed gateway
1.3.b Multiprotocol-BGP-EVPN
1.3.c vPC
1.4 Implement OTV
1.5 Implement LISP

2.0 Implement Routing and Switching Protocols 22%

2.1 Implement routing protocols
2.1.a OSPFv2, OSPFv3
2.1.b IS-IS
2.1.c PIM
2.1.d FHRP
2.1.d [i] HSRP
2.1.d [ii] VRRP
2.2 Implement switching protocols
2.2.a STP
2.2.b LACP/port channel
2.2.c FEX, VNTAG

3.0 Data Center Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, and Operations 14%

3.1 Plan and execute software updates
3.1.a Disruptive / nondisruptive
3.1.b EPLD
3.2 Implement configuration management
3.2.a Backups / restore
3.2.b Checkpoints /rollback
3.3 Implement infrastructure monitoring
3.3.a Logging
3.3.b SNMP
3.3.c Call Home
3.3.d NetFlow
3.3.e SPAN
3.4 Configure time synchronization
3.4.a PTP
3.4.b NTP

4.0 Data Center Infrastructure Security 12%

4.1 Implement ACLs
4.2 Implement AAA and RBAC
4.3 Implement keychain authentication
4.4 Implement first-hop security
4.4.a Dynamic ARP inspections
4.4.b DHCP snooping
4.4.c Unicast RPF
4.4.d MACsec
4.4.e Port security
4.5 Implement CoPP
4.6 Implement fabric binding and port security

5.0 Infrastructure Storage 23%

5.1 Implement Fibre Channel fabric
5.1.a Switched fabric initialization
5.1.b Port channels, ISL
5.1.c FCID
5.1.d FCIP
5.2 Implement Fibre Channel Protocol services
5.2.a Zoning
5.2.b Cisco Fabric Services
5.2.c FCNS
5.2.d Device alias
5.2.e VSAN
5.2.f FSPF
5.3 Implement FCoE Unified Fabric
5.3.a Storage VDC
5.3.b FIP
5.3.c FCoE topologies
5.3.d DCB

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