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07 Aug

642-770 OFCN Online Test-Operational Foundations for Cisco Service Provider Core Networks

Currently, our 642-770 OFCN online test only provide 10 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

If you have some opinions or suggestions about our online test, please leave your message, we will improve it step by step.

Now, begin to test:

You have just solved a troublesome network event. From a troubleshooting perspective, what is your next step?


According to the ITIL v3 framework, which service transition process is responsible for planning and coordinating the resources to deploy a major release within predicted cost, time, and quality estimates?


According to the ITIL v3 framework, what is the primary purpose of knowledge management?


What do you call a process that collects and compiles a series of measurements, taken at regular intervals that are representative of a current status and health of the network?


What is the primary purpose of the change approval process?


According to the ITIL v3 framework, a change that has an “approved” status has met which criteria?


What is the acronym commonly used to identify a prearranged agreement between a service team and an external service provider?


What is the range of DLCIs that are available for subscribers to configure on a Cisco IOS Frame Relay subinterface?


What is a common cause of increasing NEWPTR errors on a POS interface?


At which SONET layer would you expect to see B3 errors?


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